The Chinese American Association of Solano County (CAASC) was officially established in July 1996 by Chinese American trailblazers which inlcude: C.C. Yin, David Wang, Angela Wang, Dr. William Chan, Margaret Lum, Locke Yeh, Ken Doo, Mrs. Sun, Shirley Cheng, Liling Shaw, Richard Shaw, Hon Cheng, and James Leung. The organization’s mission is to promote the advancement, betterment, and friendship of its members, the Chinese American Community, and the local communities. To obtain this well-rounded goal, the following objectives were established:

  1. Offer Scholarships to Local Students
  2. Participate in Community Activities
  3. Promote Economic and Professional Interests of the Members and Community

Past Presidents:                                                                                                                       Gaylord Gee, William Chen, Claudia Hom, Hon Cheng, Mary Yin Liu, Don Williamson, C.C. Yin, Patty Yates, Thomas Tom, Beth Co-Gasang, Shelmae Doo Turner, Robert Hertan, William P. Suen, Katharine Jordan, Cindy Suen, Rev. A.C. Ubalde Jr., Alvin Leung, Jay Gasang, and Caroline Villarreal

Past Principals of our Chinese Language School:                                                               Hon Cheng, Calvin Lai, and William Ja

Our Accomplishments Include:

  • The Annual CAASC Chinese New Year Celebration and Scholarship Fundraiser. For the past 25 years, over $237,000 in scholarships has been awarded to more than 200 well-deserving eligible Solano County high school students and community college students from diverse backgrounds. C.C. Yin, CAASC founder shared that “This event is about a multitude of things including raising cultural awareness, promoting higher education, and giving back to the community.” Sponsors and supporters of this have made it possible to continue student sponsored events and CAASC’s largest community service project – our scholarship.
  • Annual participation in the Vacaville Fiesta Day Parade and the Fairfield 4th of July Parade, both which CAASC has garnered placed showings in the competition.
  • Development of three newsletters: The Voice of the Chinese American, The Connections, and The Jade Quarterly.
  • 1997: Sponsorship of “The History of the Chinese American in Solano County” even held at Yin Ranch.
  • 2007: CAASC led a group of 26 members to visit 7 cities in Mainland China.
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